Thought For The Day

What is it about beautiful women that makes the heart race with expectations and gives one’s libido a make-over of revitalization to boost the languidity that comes with old age?

Or is it perhaps a myth, or a sense of wishful thinking that demonstrates itself in a fake reality.

Whatever it is, if it makes life more livable, as dreamland weaves its magic aura and turns the clock back, even if it means the progression of a delusion, it nevertheless invades the senses and gives momentarily a fleeting and indescribable wave of pleasurable states of euphoric dimensions.

I always believe that the mind is the key factor that dominates every movement we make, every feeling that propels us to other uncharted territories, where imagination can transport us to fields unknown which can sometimes lead us to an orgasmic flow of sensuality.

Since sex is the lifeblood of human existence from which life emanates, is it a wonder that its influence in everything we do, or aspire to, is a force so powerful in its thrust that the majority of us find it extremely difficult to control it or abstain from its paralyzing ingredients, knowing full well the dire consequences that might eventually follow?

However, realizing that most of us are inclined to be dupes for punishment of the emotional variety, I can only conclude that human nature, being so complex, is in itself a challenge worth dabbling with and beautiful women who fall into that category are no exception.

One response to “Thought For The Day

  1. Mazen Salha

    Wonderfully poetic. Naim you surpass yourself everyday.