A Fine Ass for the Desperate

Are university students taking their learning less seriously than my own generation ever contemplated?

Gone, it seems, the comportment we adhered to, being privileged to attend such august institutions as Cambridge or even perhaps its rival in Oxford, whose students, from time to time, display a total lack of inhibitions by parading naked to show the world their wares – and as these pictures demonstrate, bums galore to marvel at, so as not, presumably, to end up bottom of the class in the poll to find Cambridge University’s most desirable rear.


Among the ten showing bare-faced cheek in the contest, run by student paper The Tab, is one named only as Anne who sports a Santa hat in a library while a bravado William strips on a roof. A Beatrice, on the other hand, reveals her thong in a dining hall, and Kate bares all next to a statue.


Sexual innovations reflect a new generation of those seeking knowledge as preoccupied with sex as the rest of us mortals, who conceal it under the pretext of respectability and false decorum.



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