Le Boudin Blanc: My Real Haven


Across from my office in Shepherd Market is my favourite French restaurant, Le Boudin Blanc.

It has over the years become my home from home, a place where I eat lunch on a regular basis and enjoy the comfort and ambience of a welcoming bunch of people who greet you with a smile and offer you the quality of food you seldom find anywhere else and at a reasonable price.

They treat their customers with old-fashioned dedication where their every need is elegantly fulfilled to ensure their total satisfaction.

Whenever I’m invited for lunch outside its parameters I almost feel I’m in foreign territory, bereft of my favoured environment, and yearn to regain my little table which I occupy for most of the year.

Those gourmets who like their food and seek a truly Gallic atmosphere will not be disappointed and should visit the place, as I’m sure they will be hooked and enchanted as I am.

To them I say, show your spirit of adventure and make this fine eaterie your new place of sumptuous congregation.


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