Is the Stiletto the Latest Deadly Weapon?

The world is becoming a strange place to inhabit.

Who would have thought that the improvisation of weapons would now take the form of stiletto heels, which fashion models wear and ladies who copy them to enhance their height religiously favour?

A woman attacked a customer in a takeaway with one of her stiletto heels then returned moments later to recover the shoe.

The man who was hit repeatedly was lucky to escape without catastrophic injuries, police said.

CCTV footage showed a woman entering Sizzler Pizza and Grill in College Green, Bristol with bare feet at about 10.20pm last Friday. She walked past a worker cleaning up blood from the attack before picking up a black clutch and red shoe from the counter.

Avon and Somerset Police are now trying to track down the woman who was wearing a red top, dark trousers and a gilet, and have released footage of the attack’s aftermath.

A police spokesperson said: ‘A man was assaulted in a takeaway with a stiletto heel. The victim, who is in his twenties, was struck around nine times with the stiletto heel and was fortunate not to have suffered any life-changing injuries. We want to identify the woman in the CCTV footage and would appeal to anyone with information about the assault to come forward.’

The attacker must have the makings of an inventive, manic driven woman who has the audacity to return to the scene of her crime and collect her gear without, I must presume, giving a second thought to her actions.

Well the gentler sex has perhaps found a loophole in the law by utilising a fashion accessory as the weapon of assault instead of the forbidden knife.

Who can claim now that men are more inventive than women? I always believed that such a notion was pure fallacy.

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