Donald Trump: The Joker in the Pack

Donald Trump is a man whose boorish behaviour seems to have earned him a place in American history.

The more offensive his campaign to win the nomination of the Republican Party to run for president, the more his following multiplies.

However, he is not a stickler for accuracy.

He fibs, tells outrageous lies and takes advantage of his wealth to promote himself with no holds barred.

His tongue can be venomous and yet his popularity stems perhaps as a result.

The big question of what to believe is centre-stage in the Republican primary race. Can the polls be wrong in showing Mr Trump leading in every important early stage?

That such questions are even being asked can be credited to Trump’s many gifts: his showmanship; his hotline to the anxieties of blue-collar America; his arrogance; and his foes’ weakness.

But none of his insights has had more impact on his success than the realisation that in America there are no penalties for inaccuracies, at least in politics.

He’s a loose cannon who deliberately takes comfort in demeaning his enemies in order to remind them that he is a force to be reckoned with and a man who will stop at nothing to attain his objective.

His followers forgive his many whoppers but believe him where it matters – that America is going to hell because it’s run by imbeciles.

I believe this to be true.

President Obama has not fulfilled the expectations people had of him and his rhetoric never translated itself into reality. His presidency will not be remembered for its strength and resolve, more for its weakness and his love of occupying the White House.

The sooner he departs the better for the Western world which desperately needs a leader of stature.

Trump is not the answer.He’s a joker in a pack of cards that simply spells calamity.

One response to “Donald Trump: The Joker in the Pack

  1. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Trump at least says what most of the American people want to hear, while his rivals are too cowardly and hypocritical to do so. He may be no more than a clown, but a clown who entertains voters better than his rivals. He at any rate was against the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and against the toppling of Gaddafi. Muslims, if they were being rational, would know that the Western politicians who are so roundly condemning him and who have voted for neocon policies have done Muslims far more harm than Trump’s proposal to impose a temporary travel ban on Muslims to America, which may never happen anyway.