For the Good of the Cause

Sao Paulo is noted for its beautiful women.

They make young men throb with sexual desire and old men wish they still had the capacity to keep the balls in motion.

Its annual eye-popper sees hundreds of eager big bodies from across Brazil whittled down by public vote to just fifteen – who each then shake their immaculately crafted buttocks before the judges.

For aspiring models and actresses, many from the slums, Miss Bum Bum offers the dream of ample fame and fortune. The winner gets a £10,000 modelling contract including a cover shoot for a men’s magazine.

Bottoms are Brazil’s most sought after asset, paraded in tiny thongs on the beaches of Rio, jiggled to the samba beat at carnival – and enhanced to often epic proportions.

Such sights make the eyes pop out with glowing libidos that’s hard to describe.

The Latin American country is world famous for cosmetic surgery, which last year included more than sixty thousand buttock boosts – a procedure that has become known around the world as the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’.

Everything for the carnival is permissible.

‘I’m going to use every weapon at my disposal,’ exclaimed 2015 finalist Suzy Cortez, a former law student, who just two hours before the final, underwent an infrared massage to raise her rear by an inch or two.

Suzie, twenty-five, also admits to having had several lip filler jabs, boob jobs, liposuction and, in the crucial weeks leading up to the final, had ramped-up her already punishing diet and fitness regime.

As well as daily three-hour workouts, including three hundred squats with weights, she has been getting her backside into gear with boxing and dance classes – and cut out carbohydrates from her meals.

Suzie gasps: ‘It has been very hard. I can’t wait for this to be over and eat some chocolates.’

Well boys, these gorgeous women suffer to make you lick your lips in anticipation. Thank the Lord (and plastic surgery) that these sirens will thrill men worldwide, bringing fantasy and reality to inhabit a world where the visual can sometimes rule our lives.

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