Thought for the Day

Although experts keep changing their minds on a variety of subjects these days, one is intrigued as to whether this recurrence of volte-face makes sense any more.

Headlines in newspapers such as, WHO NEEDS EIGHT HOURS SLEEP? NO ONE SAYS THE EXPERTS – or, A WEEKEND LIE-IN CAN RAISE THE RISK OF DIABETES – are taking the limits of credibility to preposterous new horizons.

Who would have thought also that butter and even lard are now healthy options for frying, against sunflower oil, once a kitchen favourite as well as a good substitute for healthy living?

At least olive and coconut oil remain supreme for those who value a healthy diet and the possible elongation of life.

Scientists are always giving good reasons why their new findings contradict the general held-up views because new researches with the fast-progressing technology are unravelling the unexpected, some of which are harmful.

Perhaps the public should take all this with a pinch of salt; otherwise their brains would be so clogged up as to lead to a new strain of dementia.

Eat what you want, is my new motto, and bugger the scientists. We have one life to live and we need to live it to its full potential.

For in heaven, I assume, it is unlikely that food is available, but superlative nutrition of a celestial kind is in store for us.

I have no doubt that it will nourish the soul and elevate us to heights hitherto unknown.

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