One of Lowry’s Children

The launch of Terry Maher’s memoir, One of Lowry’s Children, took place last night at the Savile Club. Here is my speech from a memorable occasion.

Ladies and gentlemen, Terry Maher, our illustrious author, is a retired businessman and, as businessmen go, is a very likable character the moment you meet him.

So it is with great pleasure that Quartet has the privilege of publishing his latest book offering, One of Lowry’s Children, which chronicles his shifts to his early business career and the creation of the new Liberal Democrat Party.

His increasing disillusion with the path chosen by the LibDems is vividly described with candid comments of what went wrong. The book’s ending suggests a way forward.

lowryschildren.jpgTerry is an up-to-date commentator on the current political scene and his views are unlikely to be disregarded especially from a man who saw it all at close quarters.

He has oodles of enthusiasm for everything he does and, despite his retirement, has still the mind and vibrancy of a man half his age.

Men of his generation, who experienced the ups and downs of a successful business career, are still a model for us all. Nothing comes easy and life is a struggle to the very end.

In view of his shining example, we should honour him simply by purchasing a few copies of his book to show him solidarity and an appreciation for writing such an interesting book. As such, please dig deep in your pockets and do unashamedly flash the colour of your money, as long as it is of high denomination.

In the meantime, as the author himself is more articulate than I am, here he is to address you with his usual nuggets of wisdom and invaluable experiences.



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