A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good

Jeremy Vine, the indestructible journalist who rose to such prominence as a contestant in Strictly Come Dancing, has at last met his Waterloo by being booted out by the judges when it came to the crunch last Sunday.


His popularity with the public which kept him in the BBC show over several weeks despite some questionable routines came to a crushing end to the utter dismay of his followers who considered his entertainment value to the show almost indispensable.

On the other hand, Katie Derham the delectable television journalist and presenter of the Proms had the viewers glued to the screen with a sizzling rumba in a backless black and red dress split all the way to her thigh.


Although an elegant woman of great charm, eloquent with beautiful features, she had never been looked upon by the public as a sex siren. Now in her new role, as a dancer, she has developed a dimension, where her sexuality has become a topic of conversation and a potent force to recognise, in the arena of seduction.

On Saturday’s episode, which was watched by 10.24 million, the biggest talking point was 45 year old Radio 3 host Miss Derham. One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Wow, Katie Derham looked amazing on Strictly.” Another posted, “Katie Derham was gorgeous. Best Strictly dress ever!”

I must admit she was ravishing. She exuded a hypnotic aura around her, rarely seen on Strictly. My bet is that she will go far, not necessarily as the best dancer but as a fully fledged woman with a capacity to seduce the non-seducible.

If she fares as good in Blackpool next Saturday, then she establishes herself as a competitor to reckon with.

Go for it Katie and show us your metal!

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