Thought for the Day

Why has taking the plunge become a woman’s most common sexual antenna in her armoury?

It is naturally enticing, addictive to a child at birth irrespective of its gender, remains with men for the rest of their lives and, in a society where sexuality has become so pronounced, women are equally attracted to its irresistible, life-enhancing properties such as a refined sexuality which is itself uniquely intoxicating.

To be engulfed in the most cherished upper part of a woman’s body, especially a beautifully crafted mound of exquisitely overwhelming, satin-like flesh, is a dreamlike elixir the equal of which is hard to find.

It is, in fact, orgasmic poetry that defies description.

It is also the language of lovers, the sexual peak of the comfort zone that we rarely experience – and the ultimate in human conjugal union…

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