Thought for the Day


Who would have thought that women’s over-sized botties would become the most sought-after treasure ship by celebrities competing for sexual recognition and impact?

Jennifer Lopez was perhaps the first to create the trend years ago. And then, out of the blue, Kim Kardashian with her sister Khloe stole the limelight for a while with the dramatic exposure of their over-powering butts, which proved a bomb-like explosion to a fashion industry always looking for a blinding excess of this nature.

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But now Lopez, who’s a real trooper and is known never to give up nor play second fiddle to anyone encroaching on her territory, reinstated herself by celebrating her overwhelming batty with her usual panache to demonstrate to her legion of fans that quality and flair are more enduring in the long term.

It would be interesting to see where the competition begins and where it ends.

We men, the weaker sex, will no doubt follow the proceedings with breath-taking anticipation – like a knock-out game that thrills but takes no prisoners.

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