The Juggler’s Days are Numbered

Tony Blair, the bête noire of most people in the UK, is nearing his demise as a war criminal for deceiving the world and House of Commons for waging an illegal war on Iraq.


A new crisis has reared its ugly head with evidence that ministers were told to burn a secret document which said that the war was illegal.

The Mail on Sunday has learned how Downing Street descended into panic on the eve of war when Attorney General Lord Goldsmith told Mr Blair the conflict could be challenged under international law.

The then PM was apparently horrified by this latest setback to his plans to wage war and instructed his cohorts of officials, who had access to a copy of Goldsmith’s written opinion, to destroy all copies at their disposal.

Ten days later, with the invasion on the verge of execution, Goldsmith did a u-turn and said an attack could be justified.

Among those who were told to burn their copy was defence secretary Geoff Hoon, who defied the order. It is also claimed that Mr Hoon threatened to expose this damning secret when he ignored a bid by Tony Blair to kick him out of the Cabinet.

Mr Hoon denies the claims.

This latest disclosure is the most shocking indication yet that Blair and his inner circle of cronies were intent on war come what may, while publicly claiming to be pursuing a diplomatic solution.

The big question is whether the Chilcot Report, delayed again as usual, will try to exonerate Blair from all these accusations and act as a cover up for this vile and unprecedented betrayal of the nation, and for inflicting the death of hundreds of thousands of people by a shameless warmonger who flits around the globe enriching himself and his family – while the taxpayer bears all the expense of keeping a twenty-four-hour security vigil to ensure his well-being.

However much one tries to understand his motives for war, the more lurid and heartless a character he appears to be.

The English language is almost inadequate to express the horror and disgust of most people in this county and abroad for the dire consequences of his actions. The mayhem he created in the Middle East is beyond belief. Future historians will have a field day in analysing the tenure of a man in power masquerading as a good-doer when his actions proved the reverse.

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