We Still Haven’t Seen the Last of Boris

Although the House of Lords has, of late, lost its prestige and significance, this week’s rebellion against the Conservative government’s Tax Credits created a constitutional dilemma as to what will happen next.

Cameron’s threat to fill the Lords with more hangers-on aimed at supporting his shell-shocked government is disgraceful, to say the least.

The House of Lords is already crammed with people of low quality and loose morals that bring shame to the nation. Any increase in its membership will bring yet another wave of utter public dismay, and further demean Britain’s political institutions, rendering our democratic values into a shambolic state of derision, worse than any seen so far.

To top it all, George Osborne’s arrogance seems to have reached the stage where he now falsely believes that he is the new Messiah of British politics.

The Tories were voted to power during the last election simply because the opposition were in total shambles, reliving bygone eras, yet claiming to be innovative and a caring lot; whereas, in fact, they were intellectually bankrupt and constituted a real threat to economic common sense.

The Tories, on the other hand, ran a good campaign promising fairness to everyone in the realm, encouraging initiative and pretending to create a new dynamic society which would prosper under their guidance.

So far, they are still to keep their word, finding themselves in a tight spot of their own making. Their Tax Credits policy is their new Poll Tax, partly instrumental in the bringing down of Mrs Thatcher. How history repeats itself is incredibly unfathomable!

Boris Johnson must be laughing his head off. The witless George Osborne, his main opponent to the Tory crown, is losing his grip. Many will say good riddance and hallelujah, but Bonking Boris is at the door, grinning like the Cheshire cat…

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