The Swift Transformation

Is Taylor Swift succumbing to the current trend of turning herself into a sex icon?

Her transformation signals ‘new all-female celebrity packs who share holidays, outfits and even men’.

It’s a new marketing strategy that seems to take root, reminiscent of many a Hollywood-style that adapts itself to an ever-changing perception of female power.

Operating as a ‘sisterhood’ allows their fan-bases to ‘cross-pollinate’ on the same basis as plants do.

Taylor Swift, perhaps the leader of the pack, says that her mother is a great influence on her life and gave her the courage to stand up to Apple after the firm announced it would not pay artists for music streamed on a trial service. Her move and influence gained her a reputation of a woman determined to lead the way in a crusade that has catapulted her to greater heights than ever before.

And, in a remarkable revelation the twenty-four-year-old singer said that she and her close coterie of friends have occasionally dated the same men, and that ‘sisterhood is more important to them than any man’ so they don’t mind having shared boyfriends.

That’s something bizarre, coming from a clean, traditional American young woman who has a worldwide following of ninety-two million people that gives her a tremendous clout in whatever she does or says.

Recently her sexuality has come to the fore when Vanity Fair showed pictures of her taken by the world-famous photographer Mario Testino, where she truly glitters with a thigh that demonstrates that her hidden physical attributes are of the kind that will certainly install her as a sex icon – with much greater impact than those women who flaunt theirs without the elegance she displays.


She is without doubt blossoming into a new image as she now poses in a series of low-cut floral outfits as these photos show. For her swift transformation I choose her as my woman of the week.

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