Have a Go, Joe…

Sharon Stone is back in the limelight at the age of fifty-seven, this time by posing in the nude in a shoot that will catapult her to new heights in sensuality.

Wearing a pair of sky-high heels and very little else she appears as the epitome of a new confidence to extol her incredible figure which might lead some to believe that perhaps it is not all her own work.

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There is a suggestion that a little airbrushing may have been involved, especially where her stomach is concerned. But who cares. She looks good and has not lost much of her allure since her Basic Instinct role made her world famous, when the camera pried into the small opening between her legs.

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However the woman, much desired for her titillating posture in the film, said recently that she struggles to get a date and blames her flirting technique. ‘I never get asked out. It’s so stupid, I don’t know what to do,’ she said. ‘I’ve been getting more brazen with flirting but I don’t think men realise that I’m doing it.’

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If that’s really true, then men of today are so short-sighted that they don’t recognize quality and elegance when they see it. A mature woman raring to go that has been blessed by the gods is waiting to be picked up like a fragrant flower undulating in a gentle breeze.

The pictures of her shoot are likely to bring her recognition and spell her new transition to desirability. Lucky buggers – step forward and grab your chance.

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