Teaching the Monkeys a New Gimmick!

lifeinbwI’m so delighted to hear that our enterprising author Jim Lee of Life in B&W is attending the Gibraltar Literary Festival where he will be interviewed on Saturday 14th November.

Knowing Jim as I do, he will no doubt try his best to sell his book, not only in the traditional way to book lovers, but also to the resident monkeys of Gibraltar who may yet surprise us all by promoting his book in their own lingo.

What a coup in the annals of book promotion that will make worldwide!

We must unreservedly congratulate Jim for his outstanding effort to show the hibernating book trade how to revolutionise their selling technique, in an age where technological advances reign supreme.

As a result, I hope our Quartet authors will follow suit by improvising new ways to sell their wares to attract a public always looking for rumbustious ideas to hit them to the point of ecstatic delirium.

One response to “Teaching the Monkeys a New Gimmick!

  1. Brilliant Naim – I’ll do my best to swoop up as many monkey fans as possible!!