Walking Tall, Towering Above the Rest

At 6′ 4″, Lauren Williams is the ultimate height for strutting her stuff on the catwalk.

But it is her legs, all four foot of them, that’s helping her grab the limelight. Her uniqueness insofar as her shapely, almost endless legs has catapulted her to new horizons – a dreamland of opportunities.

The twenty-six-year-old from Houston, Texas believes that she has the longest pair of pins in America. At forty-nine inches, they are two inches longer than those of fellow model Brooke Banker, who in 2013 laid claim to having the longest limbs in New York.

Miss Williams, who is single, said: ‘Pretty regularly I have people comment on how tall I am or how long my legs are… I don’t recall a time when I realised I had such long legs, it was always something about me. Most of my friends and family members are always commenting on how lucky I am.’

Miss Williams’ height runs in the family. Her parents and twin sisters are all six foot or taller. With UK size ten feet, she can find it difficult to buy clothes that fit. She models everything from sports kit to high fashion and swimwear, and has worked on campaigns for brands including Nike. Miss Williams, who played volleyball in college, said, ‘As a competitive athlete this is an industry that I’m very comfortable with the work I do.’

For me, the sheer length of her legs make her photogenically an unusual sight to behold, intriguingly attractive and, in some way, tirelessly appealing. An almost artistic phenomenon is scarcely to be seen elsewhere.

Her entry into the record books is a welcome change in a world where exclusivity matters a great deal. 

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