Is Kirsty up to Mischief?

Rumour has it that Kirsty Gallacher is out to sex up Strictly Come Dancing and has not ruled out the possibility of romancing her dancing partner, who now happens to be Brendan Cole.

Well she would, wouldn’t she? For his appeal to women is rather electrifying.

In her latest photo shoot, the thirty-nine-year-old Sky Sports presenter did not look like someone struggling with her body image, despite having two children and the end of her relationship with former rugby ace Paul Sampson last year.

She said, ‘The costumes on the show are the exciting bit, if you are a girly girl. you don’t want anything too bulky. You want something easy!’ She added: ‘I am single, newly single. If romance happened, would i go with it? No comment!’

As these pictures show, she is rather sexy, uninhibited and, for some, could be irresistibly enticing.

She is without doubt a siren who will follow the historical Salome and try to get her man.

So Brendan, be on your guard and prove yourself not prone to any hanky panky – if it ever comes your way…

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