The Joker’s Really Wild

When people like Jeremy Corbyn can become the leader of the British Labour Party, would the world be surprised if Donald Trump attains the same stature within the Republican Party in the US?

However, both are unlikely to gain the ultimate power in their respective countries for the majority of their electorates, when it comes to the crunch, are unlikely to vote for them for fear of an impending catastrophe.

Jeremy Corbyn is a nice man but a dreamer from a bygone era, when the policies he now embraces are no longer acceptable in an age when competitive ardour fuels the individual and greed for money is the motivating factor. Equality is almost a dirty word in the economic vocabulary of a free society, where achievements are looked upon as the ultimate objective of every able individual who craves for wealth and recognition. Take the incentives away and poverty will be more widespread, as the nation would suffer a bout of hunger which would become endemic in everything we do.

Both candidates represent a danger to the prosperity of their own country, if by any remote chance they are given the reins to achieve their misguided brains’ divergence from reality.

As for Donald Trump, no one would venture to call him a nice man. He’s far from it. He’s a ruthless, odious man, full to the brim with his own wealth and importance. He despises those who don’t agree with him and one might call him a political bully. He campaigns by trading insults and is a right-wing manic who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He frightens the life out of many people by his extreme pronunciations on topics vital to the nation and gets comfort from being abusive in order to get his point across in a debate.

Trump brings his juvenile derision at every stage in his campaign and goes as far as demeaning even the looks of his opponents. Nothing to him is sacrosanct and yet a good majority of the US public seem to be enthralled by his rhetoric and approve of his tactics to browbeat his interlocutors. Being the bull in a china shop suits him admirably and, like a dog with a bone, he never lets go.

In the US, although to some he appears as the joker in the pack, his threat to succeed to the White House should never be underestimated, especially in today’s climate when nothing is beyond the realms of possibility, and success makes a fool look wise.

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