The Magic of Red

What is it about the colour red that incites the bull to a furious reaction tantamount to a deadly challenge that costs it its life? Yet to humans the colour has more than one significance.

A red-light district is one that denotes an area where sex is purchased during a brief encounter in a variety of ways. Red also spells danger where the extent of risk cannot be properly quantified. And despite all this red has its magic where the fashion industry is concerned.

Whether it is a smudge of lipstick or a bright dress, the colour red has long been associated with the power of seduction.

But apparently this is not just a cliche. Wearing red does actually make women feel sexier, according to a new study.

One in four women surveyed said that they wore a red outfit when they wanted to look seductive, making it the most popular colour for impressing a potential partner. One in six said wearing red made them feel sexiest – and the same proportion chose pink.

The survey of two thousand Britons found women felt the most confident wearing black – perhaps explaining its popularity in the workplace.

Men also favoured black when they wanted to feel at their best, with one in three choosing the colour.

Yellow was the most unpopular colour for both sexes, with one in three respondents claiming they would never wear it. Both men and women were also likely to feel unattractive in green.

Aside from clothing choices, around half of the women who took part in the survey said getting enough sleep was particularly important for their well-being.

Food firm Alpro commissioned the survey to celebrate its sponsorship of the recent London Fashion Week. An Alpro spokesman said, ‘It seems that despite constantly changing fashions, it is the trusted shades that we turn to if we are dressing to impress – be it in the workplace or if we are trying to catch someone’s eye in a romantic sense.’

But that in itself does not explain the strong passion that red seems to generate in humans, as well as the fighting bull in a Spanish arena. Perhaps we are closer to animals than we care to admit.

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