A Tribute to Suheil Bushrui

The passing of Professor Suheil Bushrui marks the end of an era, where a distinguished author, poet, critic, translator and media literary giant widely loved and recognised through the United States, Europe and the Arab world, leaves a void almost impossible to fill.

He was a man recognised for his seminal studies in English of W. B. Yeats and for his translations of Yeats’ poetry into Arabic and was, without doubt, the foremost authority on the works of Kahlil Gibran and Ameen Rihani.

Devoted in his pursuit of scholarship and bridge-building between East and West, he will be sorely missed by those who had the great privilege of knowing him.

A literary icon who led an exemplary life, his legacy will remain as vibrant as it has always been. Men of his calibre today are a rarity to be remembered and command the highest esteem. May he rest in eternal peace.

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