The Way the World Turns

The Middletons are becoming a pain in the buttocks and so is the media that keeps them in the limelight. Whatever Pippa does is mainline news despite her silly pronouncements from time to time about every subject she claims to be her forte, notwithstanding her disastrous book for which Penguin paid her an advance of £400,000.

What a mockery …


Her mother is a publicity magnet who does not miss an opportunity to be photographed and using her royal connections to enrich her various commercial enterprises, aided and abetted by Pippa who is everywhere to be seen, now flashing her front, having had her derrière elevated to become a well-debated topic famed for its wriggling tempo.


Her brother seems to be newsworthy also and he too has become a celebrity for no apparent reason, except perhaps that his beard does little to endear him to a public who’s had enough of the Middletons masquerading in various roles almost to the point of eclipsing the Royal Family.


The only Middleton who has so far displayed proper restraint on his activities and refused to take part in this mad jamboree is the father of this upstart clan which will eventually, if they’re not careful, be consigned to oblivion.

The public is getting irritated by the reverence accorded to the Middletons simply because they have joined the Royal firm. My message to them: don’t be deluded by the press, for the time will come when your lot will not be the focus of any attention.

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