Trust the People

Two potential crackpot leaders in the Free World have emerged to stun the electorate of the US and Great Britain for totally different reasons.

Donald Trump considered until recently as a joke figure who amassed a great fortune, is now threatening the serious Republican Party’s contenders for the Presidency of the USA and is closing in on Hilary Clinton in national polls. A poll for CNN–ORC found that Mr Trump trails Mrs Clinton by just six points among registered voters, on forty-five per cent to Mrs Clinton’s fifty-one per cent, making him the strongest Republican to face Mrs Clinton in a presidential election.


A poll in July found him trailing the former Secretary of State by sixteen points. This is despite his brash and somewhat offensive debating tactics which, according to the international media, has shocked a large section of American public opinion.

Nevertheless, unperturbed by his overzealous and often bombastic claims regarding his wealth, he has during the last few weeks forged ahead to become a real threat to the Republican Party who are now in a quandary about how to stop the mad billionaire from destroying their chances of defeating the first woman destined to become the President of the most powerful nation in the world.

Across the Atlantic, a lethal threat to the Labour Party in Britain, stands Jeremy Corbyn who according to the latest polls and bar unforeseen circumstances will become the leader of his party, having fractured the very basis of its future recovery to gain power.


Whereas Corbyn is a mad hatter with his left-wing policies, Trump is a right-wing screwball who if elected will destroy every vestige of humanitarian rule in the lexicon of any democratic concept.

The good news, however, is that neither of these two men is likely to assume power, for the electorate in both countries is much too alert and politically conversant to tolerate such a disastrous and untenable situation.

In the meantime, this unexpected circus of power-grabbing will certainly enrich our learning curve and entertainment potential.

And hopefully, we can still sleep tight and enjoy the ribaldry of the Trump intervention and the much cleverer but passé philosophy of Jeremy Corbyn.

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