Raunchy Rita

Rita Ora, the singer and X Factor judge, holidaying on a vessel named ‘Gold Digger’ – a most intriguing title – who, lured by Simon Cowell, the great music mogul, to join him on his ITV show, has since shed her most demure image in favour of a more raunchy exposition of her bodily assets to give our eyelids a preview of what she has in store for us.

Photographed taking a dip off the Ibiza coast, wiggling her bottom as she shakes herself dry, Rita, who is developing into a sexual siren at the age of twenty-four, flew to the party island to help fellow judge Nick Grimshaw do his job for Radio 1’s Ibiza Weekend.

As these photos show, her sexual fuel is electrifying. I hope that Simon Cowell, now settled down, will not be blinded by her extraordinary bits as perhaps more are revealed with the passage of time.

Meantime, I hope The X Factor will come up to scratch as The Voice on the BBC will certainly prove a hard competitor to beat. Time will tell.

One response to “Raunchy Rita

  1. “ma tzallattou illa lahad ma gassarna.”
    David quoting Mir Majid with a slight adjustment