My Goddess of the Week

Actress Emily Ratajkowski, twenty-four, born in Westminster is a dazzling specimen of womanhood. Her body speaks volumes of eroticism at its most hypnotic level.

I can’t stop looking at this all embracing photograph of exquisite femininity that shows a picturesque view of shape, elegance, craftsmanship and a mesmerising capacity to enthral everything in its path.


Men and woman alike looking at every curve of her body, her pert but astonishingly shaped bottom will hardly fail to recognise a work of art that defies combined supremacy and competitiveness.

The beauty of her modality, her wide piercing eyes, and her slender back, all harmoniously integrated to make a glowing gem of creative ingenuity only the best endowed craftsmen could have conceived.

Given all her revealed talents, she has enticed my innermost sense of impartiality to such a degree that for that reason alone I can’t but choose her as my erotic goddess of the week.

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