The Arrogance of a Civil Servant

I honestly think Sir John Chilcot’s recent behaviour in ignoring the present outcry about the disgraceful delays to the Iraq Inquiry has reached the stage where Parliament should now intervene and force him to come clean, after years of prevarication.

His arrogance is beyond belief and he should be brought to task and made subject to scrutiny by a Parliamentary commission who should grill him in search of any possible motive for his odd and unacceptable conduct. And if found lacking in any way, he should be turfed out without any hesitation.


We live in a democracy that most of us value and therefore everyone, however grand, should abide by a sense of decency and humanitarian mission, especially where the lives of many of our soldiers have been sacrificed uselessly in pursuit of a war which, to many, had been fraudulently engineered by Blair and his cohorts.

The truth must come out if as a nation misdeeds of such enormity are left to simmer and the perpetrators escape retribution to the encouragement of other evil doers. The world as it is today is no longer a safe place to inhabit. We must do the cleansing before we lose the plot.

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