When the Saints Go Marching In…

David Cameron is obviously a ladies man who seems to revere ‘brassy’ women, according to an article in last Friday’s Daily Mail.

His choice is not to be sneered at, for the women in question display a capacity for a picturesque view of themselves in outfits that compete with our celebrities of today, who use their well-formed bodies to allure both sexes as part of their job curriculum.

Tamara Mellon, shoe designer, is the trade tsar, Carol Vorderman, the maths tsar, Michelle Mone, Mr Cameron’s latest tsar of small firms, while political high-flyer Karren Brady now sits in the Lords as business tsar.

However, The question remains. Is the new policy of David Cameron’s government designed to bring forth women of great sexual appeal to galvanise us into an innovative strategy of intoxication no matter what their credentials are?

Enough said, is perhaps more apt in the circumstances, as discretion is my new armoury on this rare instance.

Instead, I’ll leave it to my readers to spell out their words of wisdom…

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