Thought for the Day

Sex to many is a most complex phenomenon.

Its constitution varies with the subject matter and its practice ranges from the mechanical to the more sophisticated art form, which produces what we call an erotic wave of ecstasy that leads to orgasmic heights.

But eroticism is linked to individual preferences and to a visual impact of great variation that beguiles some and leaves others unaffected by its sensual rays; these bounce back for lack of receptivity by the individual concerned.

In other words, eroticism is perceived as a component to personal taste not alien to culinary peculiarities which enthral some and are unpalatable to others.

The similarity between food and sex inspired by eroticism is strikingly remarkable, for both, like music, give the body the comfort it seeks and the sexual desire that keeps youth and vigour in excellent working condition.

The pictures reproduced here show the different scale of how sex manifest itself in order to entice and subjugate its possible victims.

The readers of my blog are invited to give me their comments, in the hope that these will add to my education on this important subject.

One response to “Thought for the Day

  1. george zakhem

    I completely concur with your analysis. it is the truth
    Keep on Naim as what you write inspires all your readers and it so happen I am one of them