The Signs of a Happy Bonding

Rock star Matt Bellamy must have Italian blood in his genes.

Pictured caressing the bum of his girlfriend Elle Evans while on the beach, he reminds me of Italian men’s obsession with the habit of pinching women’s bottoms as they pass by within range of their hands.

Although Matt’s gesture is more as a result of a gentle sun-stroke, and a loving expression, the pinching as practised by Italian men, is more a rumbustious fun-seeking deed to arouse unwanted attention.

Nevertheless, both displays are done in good humour – except that feminists are unlikely to see the funny side of it all.

As the pictures demonstrate, the Muse singer, thirty-seven, and Elle, twenty-five, struggled to keep their hands off each other during a volleyball game in Malibu.

Isn’t life great when love is genuinely exercised, where sensuality is predominant and in full view?

A source close to Matt said: ‘He can’t get enough of Elle. He’s been gauging reactions on whether he should make it something more official.’

The gorgeous Elle, who began dating Matt in April, is best known for starring as a dancer in a video for Robin Thicke’s song ‘Blurred Lines’. She’s about to star in her first big movie, aptly titled Muse.

Good luck to the besotted couple, for their relationship augurs well for a happy bonding.

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