A Political Storm on the Horizon

Jeremy Corbyn looks unstoppable.

With his messianic ardour and left-wing mania, he beguiles those who feel society has left them behind and are intent to take their revenge, no matter what.

The Conservatives came to power when the odds were against them and won only because Labour turned the clock back and reverted to a socialist dogma that had no place in today’s competitive world, where individual incentives are the most effective pathway to prosperity.

Not content to learn their lesson, Labour are now in the throes of virtually committing hara-kiri.

Jeremy Corbyn, despite his charismatic appeal to the have-nots and his wealth of oratory, is unlikely to achieve real power as Labour will become unelectable if he is to win the forthcoming election of the leadership of his party.

Key backers have come out in the open to warn that discarded left-wing policies by the majority of the electorate will lock the party out of power for decades. Labour’s biggest individual donors have pledged to stop giving money if Corbyn becomes leader, a move that could leave the party almost entirely dependent on trade union funding.

The trade unions themselves, given their latest unpopularity with the public for their unreasonable behaviour by their strike action on the Underground – which is costing the country millions of pounds in lost earnings – are now considered by many to be a new threat to the growth of the economy and as such they will feel the brunt on their financial kitty.

Watching the mania that he generates, Corbyn is perhaps the most dreadful of politicians; capable of mesmerising his adoring followers with his sharp quizzical eminence, and a matter of fact comportment that spells a mad fervour to change the political and economic system upside down and wreak deadly havoc in the process.

Unfortunately, bar a miracle, Corbyn, as I said at the outset, is unstoppable.

The other contestants for the leadership are, I’m afraid, lacking in the qualities and the presence that make them an inspiring lot, worthy of much consideration.

At least they will act as buffer zone to prevent the election of a man whose lunacy of ideas is so extreme as to cause shivers of fear throughout the nation.

For that alone, we must thank their intervention however useless it turns out to be.

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