Is Global Warming a Myth

Global warming is a very important issue.

It requires a thorough examination with an open mind bereft of the propaganda of those doomsters determined to follow the official line despite unbiased figures to the contrary.

Twisting data to cause global panic, for some obscure reasons, is tantamount to scientific fraud. For to discard the truth in order to bolster an errant point of view is intensely dishonest.

Science is built on proven evidence not mere supposition of future tendencies.

A case in point is that the Arctic pack has dramatically expanded despite years of doom-laden predictions that it was melting away for good.

British scientists have recently discovered that it grew by more than forty per cent in 2013 thanks to cooler than expected temperatures.

Findings by experts at UCL suggest the polar cap is more resilient than first thought and is able to quickly bounce back.

Despite several warm summers there is still a third more ice in the region than there was five years ago.

Scientists said they were shocked at the speed of recovery in such a short time.

The resurgence shows how much care needs to be taken when assessing claims about climate.

For years an industry has grown up around global warming – based on pessimistic forecasts from scientists and politicians that the ice caps would have disappeared by now.

heavenearth_coverAs Quartet has always been ahead of the times in publishing books that the Establishment is wary of, perhaps one would be enlightened through reading two of our our titles on this controversial and pressing topic. At least one would have the opportunity to discover its variants on the official line taken by most governments whose coverage in the media tends to have almost a monopolised edge to it.

Free thinkers unite and make the Establishment aware that some of us don’t toe their line as a matter of course.

the-age-of-global-warmingThe myth of global warming should be exposed once and for all as too many unsubstantiated factors cloud the whole issue.

Bullying tactics of persuasion from officialdom is not the answer, for this will ultimately fall flat on its face.

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