Thought for the Day

The Labour Party is going through a period where it could disintegrate if wiser counsel is not to prevail.

The party seems to have lost its momentum and capability of realising that public opinion has moved from the days when leftist dogma appealed to an electorate hungry for change, and struggling from an inequality which was morally repugnant.

Although poverty is rampant in certain sections of our society, it is mostly for reasons which can be eradicated as it is more or less self-inflicted. Some people are inclined to choose the easy way out and take advantage of a caring administration and live on benefits, without contributing to the wealth of the nation, when hardly anybody willing to work and earn their living is prevented from doing so. Perhaps the choice of an ideal job is not always easy or available but idleness should never be tolerated or condoned.

We live in an era where incentives are the motivating factor and competition is fierce and almost limitless. Consequently, it is only hard work and commitment that determine success and eventually the road to wealth.

Today’s Labour Party has no one of any stature to lead it to the fecundity of thought and adaptation essential for its survival as a political force to be reckoned with. Alas, it is more likely to shoot itself in the foot by electing the wrong leader, yet again, who will lead them to the same disaster from which they are still counting the consequences.

The Tories must have a credible Opposition to keep them on their toes; otherwise political arrogance, for which they are noted, might creep in and make them intolerably pompous and rather ineffective in the long term. They need to be aware that their hides must be roughed up from time to time to withstand the occasional onslaught from public dissatisfaction. It is then that true politics really works.

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