The London I Love

London, that magnificent metropolis, is becoming the envy of the world, for it caters for the needs of both the multinational big spenders and the tourists of every nation who are intrigued by its diversity and the cultural offering that surpasses expectations.

The greenery and the open spaces that are dotted throughout the city are unlike anywhere else, for they give its residents the feeling of being close to nature and provide a village kind of atmosphere in a variety of its boroughs.

The beauty of London is that it has managed to defeat the boredom of great cities that are cluttered with the rise of buildings to accommodate its bulging population at the expense of a claustrophobic environment bereft of nature’s ability to coexist with its human counterparts.

The vast parks are protected and hardly an inch is given to reducing its nature’s domain for development purposes that are tempting as the economy expands and demands become a topic for serious consideration.

The British love their gardens and are adamant that these are sacrosanct and are not to be sacrificed for the sake of commercial expansion.

Those who live in London adore the city for its uniquely unsuffocating environmental policies that makes it a pearl of great value to be preserved for the new sophisticated generations to come.

Its theatres lead the world for their creativity and innovative experiments, while the culinary delights of its restaurants add to the city’s attraction and compete with Paris and New York in a surge of excellence.

Prosperity can only be enjoyed not only in financial terms but also in its appreciation of the living species that elevate the quality of life for everyone who inhabits it. London has it all in abundance.

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