The Gift that Makes our Days Brighter

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That’s true enough, but no one in his right mind would find a well-formed woman with piercing eyes and a body to beguile the most selective of both genders lacking a magnetic field of sexual impulses.

Take the case of Kate Upton, the American model and actress whose curves have earned her a worldwide following, millions of dollars, and the title of ‘sexiest woman alive’.

Despite her sensational rise to stardom and her monumental earning capacity, she still has insecurities.

Asked whether she has ever been body-shy, she invariably replied: ‘I always am.’

Whether because with vital statistics of 36-35-34, Upton is often seen as a poster-girl for the ‘strong not skinny’ movement, which emphasises fitness rather than size.

The skinny models of today might be in demand for the catwalk, but in real life their stock is diminishing and most people opt for a well-built, beautifully-crafted body that has the full scent of femininity and a fleshy contour to raise the magic of desire and its follow-up.

Kate is a wise young model of twenty-three who knows where she’s going and is aware of her God-given assets, as these pictures show.

Let us therefore celebrate her elevation to the realm of those we admire and cherish, and thank the good Lord for his gift to make our days brighter.

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