The Boob Generation

Displaying your boobs is the ‘in’ thing today.

Women have become obsessed with showing them at every angle possible, competing with one another in daring to flaunt them to best advantage, while wishing to maintain their titillating impact at its most effective level.

The shapes are so varied that women have a field day in formulating the most dramatic way of exhibiting them, taking into account form, size and the amount of flesh to conceal, in proportion to those that are visible. All this, in order to raise the sensual dynamics that lead to the sexual arousal of their target audience.


The displaying of boobs has become an art form that’s gaining momentum as more women get addicted to showing their assets off, for it brings them a lucrative stream of publicity and a recognition that will ultimately open closed doors at a progressive pace, less arduous than the conventional channels that rely on talent rather than enhanced physical attributes.

For those of us voyeurs, these competitive impulses bring hidden joys that we relish in utter secrecy. Some admit to it, others feign indifference as hypocrisy has always been their most protective armour.

Here is a motley cascade of celebrities who practise the current vogue for gaining backroom seduction.

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