Thought for the Day

The more I try to understand people who have money and what the majority utilise it for, the less content and wiser I feel.

I was always unable to give money the respect it deserves for fear of becoming addicted to it and thus unwittingly negating the beneficial aspect that can accrue because of its accumulative power; for power decisively corrupts the best of us by virtue of the falsehood it generates and the idolatrous concept it brings with it.

Self-benefits often become the norm and sharing wealth with your nearest and dearest can result in discord and competitiveness of the darker side, leaving in its trail bitterness and conflict.

I grew up to believe that in general the Almighty residing in His vast kingdom in the sky must despise money, for he often gives it to the unworthy or at least those who hoard it rather than use it for the benefit of mankind.

Whenever I had the luck of possession I felt a heavy burden that gave me greater relief when I no longer had to carry it.

It’s odd but true, for you cannot subsequently lose anything that you do not possess. At least you begin to have restful nights and dream sweetly of the unattainable at the expense of some of the realities that mar your daily life.

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