The Selfie Addict

I have always wondered why some women degrade themselves by acting irrationally and using their bodies to the detriment of themselves and those they are married to.

The Sally Bercow saga, which did not end happily, is now followed by another with the latest split up of Labour MP Simon Danczuk and his errant wife Karen, labelled as ‘the snaps queen’, who has given selfies a bad name.

Mr Danczuk, forty-eight, is believed to be shattered by the bust-ups that seems to have brought his marriage to a disastrous finality. He said last night, ‘I am very sad to say my wife and I are separating. Our main concern is for the well-being of our two children. I am absolutely devastated but that’s life.’

Karen, thirty-one, a former councillor, stayed behind with their two boys, aged seven and five, while her husband is staying with friends after quitting the family home last Saturday.

Karen is best known for her Twitter page where she regularly and shamelessly posts revealing pictures showing off her cleavage to fifty-three thousand followers while rabitting on about her political opinions.

It is thought the marriage began to crumble after Karen claimed she had been abused from the age of six by a family member.

Just imagine washing your dirty linen in public while at the same time exhibiting pictures of yourself in various poses with the emphasis, so to speak, here are my breasts, have an eyeful to stir your libido and get you going. Next, I understand, she will be promoting her bottom.

Her selfie addiction will lead her into troubled waters and will no longer serve her purpose – whatever that is. She needs our sympathy for her lack of brainy matter.

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