Thought for the Day

What a grim Sunday it had been.

The savagery of the day before, that took place in France, in Tunisia, and even in a mosque in Kuwait, was a shock of the kind that we refuse to harbour.

Sunday turned out to be a day of reflection when the enormity of the three separate heinous onslaughts began to sink in.

The perpetrators of such vile acts of barbaric proportions cannot be considered in any different light than pure evil contaminated by an ideology of hate that should have no place in any earthly environment.

To gun down innocent people on holiday, worshippers in a mosque, and the head of an enterprise for no apparent objective except to cause maximum casualties and inflict pain and terror to other humans, is the workings of a deranged mind that thrives on malediction and depravity.

Where is the Almighty on such occasions? Is it it much or sacrilege to expect the God that we worship to strike down these evil-doers in whatever way He elects, or is His intervention not part of the code that governs our terrestrial behaviour until the day of judgement?

These are issues which remain unresolved. Until, of course, the next journey we are destined to undertake when the gates of heaven are within our reach and the mystery of it all unfolds itself.

Meantime, we shall never know.

One response to “Thought for the Day

  1. u kip if you want to

    Yes, it must be really difficult for people who believe in God to reconcile such things. But that’s what comes of believing something that patently isn’t true.

    Perhaps that also has something to do with why the atrocities were committed in the first place. After all, these crimes are carried out by believers too.

    For the rest of us, no such difficulties exist. We don’t have to torture ourselves with moral dilemmas of the kind you mention, we can simply get on with addressing the practical consequences; taking the appropriate measures to keep ourselves, our families, our country safe from those who seek to destroy us.

    I find nothing difficult to reconcile about these terrorists behaviour. I see examples of cruelty, bigotry, sadism, delusion, psychopathy, hysteria all around me. These are part of human nature. We are not good or bad, just physical organisms with certain characteristics.

    Where those characteristics have become unbalanced and destructive in certain individuals, society needs to protect itself by eliminating those individuals. Simple really. No morality called for, because none exists.