Covering Her Modesty

Model Casey Batchelor has opened her heart to tell us that she has not had sex for eight months, saying, ‘I’m a born virgin.’

The Celebrity Big Brother star has vowed to stay celibate until she meets a man who deserves her.

She went on to say that she does not miss sex, which must infer to many that at her age of thirty she is not as hot as she looks – or perhaps, unbeknown to us, she has trained herself to stifle her passion to seek higher rewards.

She has had a disappointing love life, as she claims that men dump her when the deed is done.

Poor soul. With a body like hers, she can’t be short of callers who would give their right arm to savour the excess sexuality she portrays.

A mere look at her photographs will raise the blood pressure of possibly every man she encounters and disarm him instantly of his capacity to come up to scratch in the love game.

Even when covering her modesty, the tolling bells of passion are overwhelming and rather lenitive.

Perhaps overdoing her sexual horizons is the main cause of her failure to keep her men in tow. Who knows?

Women with her God-given assets sometimes want more than men can give them, so they wander in the wilderness until such time as they use their sexuality wisely and proportionally.

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