The Warmonger Leaves the Stage

It was the sick joke of the century when the notorious warmonger Tony Blair was appointed as Peace Envoy to the Middle East – a man who will be remembered by historians as largely responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians as a result of his callous invasion of Iraq and the subsequent destabilisation of the whole region.

What we see today is the by-product of his action and yet he reigns supreme, untouched by the Establishment and making pots of money in the process. For the past eight years Tony’s insight, if we can call it that, has played havoc in the Middle East and left it in the turmoil that has ripped it to smithereens and destroyed every vestige of hopeful stability likely to emerge in the foreseeable future.

His exit, say the cynics, will rob the area of the sage counselling and astute decisions he provided and the mockery of his interventions when it suited his commercial activities. In fact, his tenure was a derision of the first order welcomed by the people in Tel Aviv to the dismay of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

The realities are clear; no one will shed a tear for his departure. On the contrary a good riddance song will be on the books once the sight of him disappears in a polluted fog, never to return again.

Every time I see him on television a shiver goes through my body as he masquerades as the man who pretends to fear his god,  but resents so many of God’s creatures.

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