Simon Cowell in Crisis

Simon Cowell might not be the most popular man on earth, for the simple reason that wealth and success garner envy in a world of inequality.

But I find him strait-laced as a man who expresses his views unperturbed by public reaction – and normally he is spot on.

However, I fear that the fake Matisse debacle will cost him dear if he fails to strip the winner of Britain’s Got Talent of her £250,000 prize.

The entire show this time around was in my view a comical shambles of two bimbos sitting as judges who were competing to show the audience an eyeful of their hidden bits – degrading the proceedings to a strip-club atmosphere. That, on top of the platitudes they uttered every time they spoke.

And now, to sustain the latest scandal as if to say that cheating is permissible will be the death knell of the entire concept of the show.

People are already furious that Simon is adamant that the winner should keep her prize and perform in front of the Queen. It will be the misjudgement of his entire career.

I for one will boycott the show, if it survives, unless Simon takes the bold and necessary step to clean up the entire act. I hope he will, for he must not be seen to align himself with fakery.

The runner-up magician, Jamie Raven, should in the circumstances be crowned as the winner to save the show from a stigma that it does not ultimately deserve.

Come on, Simon – prove to your fans that when it comes to shove you are naturally geared to do so.

And last but not least, please axe the bimbos, for their presence does little to boost the show.

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