The Flaunting Game

The standard of judges on shows like Britain’s Got Talent is a total turn-off.

David Walliams might be considered funny in certain quarters, but I find him much too irritating most of the time and rather camp and contrary to attract attention. He’s certainly a well-known celebrity much in demand and a best-selling writer of children’s books, but when it comes to judging he’s rather mediocre and tends to play a sparring game with Simon Cowell – who’s the only sane one on the show.

The two women on the panel can best be described as two light-headed bimbos whose repetitious use of expressions such as ‘You were amazing!’ and ‘I’m gobsmacked!’ lead you to believe that their ‘girlie’ language is all that their contributions can amount to.

That is, of course, if you ignore the fact that both of them, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon, wear as little as possible to make up, I presume, for their lack of anything else to justify their role as judges.

The crowds seem to lap it up, though, which goes to show that the mass-market standard of your average TV audience is sliding to the point where selectivity gives way to a load of rubbish.

However, the main culprit in all this is Amanda, whose obsessive addiction to publicity is perhaps without equal. Nothing is taboo in her pursuit of stardom, even if at the expense of her most fleshy inner sanctum.

Alesha unfortunately follows suit, in order not to be submerged by Amanda’s antics to grab the limelight.

What a sorry state of affairs bimbos create which can’t elevate the concept of women above the very things they furiously complain about (i.e. sex-orientated). Those who truly love and respect women are appalled by such tacky behaviour which lacks the elegance they clamour for.

As for the show itself, it was for me a yawning experience I could have done without.

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