The Case for Staying in Europe

‘After an extraordinary three-hundred-year run Britain has essentially resigned as a global power,’ the Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria writes, lamenting the UK’s declining influence around the world.

That’s why I believe the case for staying in Europe is more vital than ever if Britain is to continue, even in a small measure, to wield its remaining influence throughout the world.

The myth that we have a special relationship with the United States has proved time and again to be a figment of our imagination and no one in their right mind should be disposed to believe in it any longer.

Just one glaring example is the case of Saudi-born Shaker Aamer, who lived in South London with his British-born wife and children, and who has been held for thirteen years without charge or trial in the notorious, inhumane Guantanamo Bay.

Despite the many pleas of the British government to hand him over, he is still incarcerated, and our so-called ‘special relationship’ clearly counts for naught. It’s simply a joke that some deluded politicians still believe that this latest saga might cause damage to that non-existent relationship – which I believe we never had.

If we leave Europe, the USA will treat us worse than ever since we will become marginal to their strategy and needs. And, believe it or not, Europe will equally snub us in every way possible.

We must therefore ensure that those who clamour that leaving the EU is more beneficial to Britain, do not lead us astray. Their logic is erroneous and will much reduce our prestige and flexibility by being a lonely, forlorn voice in world forums.

Britain’s strength is its supreme foreign affairs know-how gained over the years from an empire which was vast and varied. The robust economic knowledge through the City should also not be put at risk because of a whimsical notion that we can stand alone, bolstered by the Unites States.

It is a dangerous assumption which we can ill-afford even to contemplate.

One response to “The Case for Staying in Europe

  1. UKIP if you want to

    What a ridiculous argument. As Mrs Thatcher said, staying in Europe just because everyone else does is a policy for sheep.

    What ‘influence’ do we wield as a member of the EU? Are you suggesting that this sovereign country should be held to ransom by the likes of the US and be forced to stay in the EU against the wishes of its citizens just to placate the Americans?

    Perhaps we should become part of the Russian empire – yes, I’m sure you’d like that. Just think of the security and influence that would give us.

    What are you afraid of? Are you seriously suggesting this country is incapable of governing itself, and of trading with the world? We managed OK before the EU, thanks, and we can do so again, without your advice.

    Your politics on this matter are the politics of fear and anti-Americanism, as in so much else that you write. .