Is a Woman’s Bosom Her Most Promotable Asset?

In fact, it must be the case.

For men’s obsession with those feeding, fleshy and warm parts of a woman’s body, which they experience as children, remains with them as they grow into adulthood but with an added emphasis.

This time, a sexual tangent appears to give them a foreplay of great delicacy.

Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski is an American model and actress. Born in Westminster, London on 7th June 1991. She rose to fame after appearing in the music video for Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’, which became the number one song of the year in 2013 in several countries and was the longest running Billboard Hot 100 song of the first half of the 2010s in the United States.

Her modelling career has since mushroomed from retail adwork to art house erotica and high fashion. Her progression saw her appear on the cover of the March 2012 issue of erotic magazine Treats!

What a treat it was, in the real sense of the word.

She became a high-profile sex symbol much desired by the glossies, and naturally in a different way by a flock of sexually-driven young hopefuls who fantasise with the prospect of bedding her – even if only in their dreams.

Who can blame them?

Her pictures shown here are in my view a celebration of womanhood, as the Creator deemed it to happen.

Let us therefore be grateful for His bountiful heavenly gift and sing His praises in appreciation.

One response to “Is a Woman’s Bosom Her Most Promotable Asset?

  1. A Deliciously Wonderful subject with important photographic emphasis.
    Thank you Naim.