The Path from Oblivion

The Labour Party is in total disarray thanks to Ed Miliband, whose strategy brought calamity to the whole concept of leadership, in a manner reminiscent of the late Michael Foot.

But whereas the latter was an intellectual, Ed thought himself to be one but was deluded in the process.

Where is he today? And what happened to his cohorts and his inner circle of sycophants who rallied around him only because they reckoned he was a winner? None of them mentions his name now even though they colluded in the eventual tragedy. Had he not betrayed his brother David, the result of this election would perhaps have veered in a different direction – but whatever the outcome in that eventuality, Labour would have lived to fight another day.

Not so now, the harm done to its prestige and credibility is too severe to mend. It was technically a mortal blow to which its resurrection will take more than one decade to materialise.

Left-wingers in today’s world are not in vogue except perhaps in a literary sense, but in reality their days of glory are long past. The individual whose lot has dramatically improved through hard work and incentives is no longer an easy target to convert to the dogma of equality.

We are not born equal and to reverse this divine thread has never succeeded so far and is unlikely to do so, even with the advances of medicine. So how can we expect equality as a viable concept in the real competitive world of today? Help for the badly down-trodden should be our main target and a more caring society should evolve and be sympathetic to their needs. But it should never encourage idleness or give the impression that social benefits are available to the scroungers in our society.

So Labour, to have a chance to survive, must now sing a different song and prove to the nation that their hatred of business and incentives, especially to the struggling middle classes, are absurd and will lead them nowhere.

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