Thought for the Day

Why, you may ask, do the rich become richer.

In the first place, they are very careful with their money. They only spend it to spoil themselves.

Even then, they count every penny before they part with it. Meanness turns into addiction, and addiction into an obsession to maintain their wealth for fear of penury.

They suffer from sleepless nights, worrying about their investments lest the economic situation globally ravage their honeypot of accumulated nuggets of worldly goods.

Are they happy? In their own way, perhaps, for power is an aphrodisiac and money is at the core of it.

Whereas those endowed with it get their orgasms from its mere possession, the rest of us mere mortals experience a more thrusting compulsion sexually to have conquered it without having recourse to the superfluity our position lacks.

Our foreplay is longer and more satisfying, although the very rich get their kicks from the old adage that money is like your penis: play with it and it grows.


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