Vote Conservative (to Avoid a Real Catastrophe)

Monday’s Bank Holiday was a day of deep reflection before the impending storm at the end of the week.

The storm, which is man-inflicted, could change our lives for at least the next five years and beyond. The result of Thursday’s general election could be devastating if Labour, in alliance with the SNP, were to install the flaky Ed Miliband into 10 Downing Street, with his left-wing dogma that will cause total disruption to our way of life, the likes of which this country has not experienced since the last war.

Instead of people enjoying their May break, they were sitting at home fretting about the consequences of an election taut with unpredictability – mostly of a bleak nature. The real possibility of being ruled by the Trade Unions, in conjunction with the rising Scottish phenomenon of a seemingly dynamic Nicola Sturgeon, has caused a terrifying effect on the British electorate.

The mansion tax alone, especially for those living in London with limited means, will certainly bring them no end of hardship and misery, at a time when the rate of taxation is already an unbearable burden to the middle classes – whose contribution to the wealth of the nation is vital if we are to remain prosperous and forge our way in the world with our influence intact and highly relevant.

If Labour were to get in, mass immigration from London by its original inhabitants is bound to take place and the great metropolis will turn into a foreign country in reality if not in name. The thought of such a catastrophe is much too dispiriting to imagine and we must ensure that it will never happen.

The electorate should wake up before it’s too late and cast their vote on Thursday in favour of a Conservative government, if only to prevent Labour from acceding to power and ruining our lives in the process.

People who vote for Labour will unwittingly pay a heavy price for being taken in by their party’s false and uncanny rhetoric.

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