Thought for the Day

Politics is the predominant factor today, when our television screens are bursting to the seams with platitudinous electioneering that has become much too absurd to absorb and less credulous to believe.

All the parties taking part in this crucial parliamentary election are churning out promises that they know they cannot deliver, or are beyond their capabilities to implement.

Once in power, however, things of that nature do not seem to matter much. Politicians have a knack for justifying their broken promises on the grounds that unexpected economic conditions have made a dent in their forecast, which no one would have anticipated let alone dimwitted politicians whose brainpower has seen better days.

I can’t wait for life to take its normal course again and relieve us from the relentless bombardment of those seeking power under the guise of messianic fervour, which I don’t for a moment believe now exists.

So we should wake up to the fact that politicians speak with a forked tongue at the best of times and make our minds up as to what is feasible, irrespective of what rubbish they tell us. At least we will have a good night’s sleep as expectations recede.

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