The Establishment Under Scrutiny

Having lived here since 1949 and becoming a British subject a few years later (although my leanings throughout were more inclined towards a left-wing order), I nevertheless marvelled at the solidity of the British Establishment and what it stood for then.

A bastion of learning and great tradition which in many aspects represented the best of what the English in particular were noted for: gentlemanly behaviour; a savoir faire uniquely embedded in their upbringing and schooling; and the immaculate environment that complemented their stature.

In politics, they proved superior to most nations, and their foreign affairs’ skills were honed through an empire that stretched far and wide throughout the globe. Their solidarity when threatened had no equal; hence the prospect of defeat was not in their lexicon.

But the Establishment is now almost in tatters. Revelations of late have shown the hidden and unsavoury machinations that some of its members engage into in secrecy, under the veil of respectability. Standards seem to have fallen to an unacceptable level, insofar as these members are protected by the once august Establishment, presumably seeking to protect itself.

Our newspapers are full of abominable wrongdoings, mostly of a sexual nature against children, by people we looked up to, including well-known politicians who have used their power in an insidious way to commit crimes for which they have callously escaped unpunished.

Lord Janner, the Labour politician, is the latest glaring example of how the established order has failed us yet again and we appear to be helpless in doing much about it.

The victims and the public are appalled by a legal system that seems to protect the abusers at the expense of their victims. It is high time the public revolts against these malpractices and forces the authorities to cease their uneven way of dealing with such issues, in order to stem the trend of cover-ups that blight the working of an Establishment that has lost its way.

In Britain we are proud of our achievements, of our legal system, our way of life, so let us not forget that corruption in whatever form is reprehensible and should have no place in our society.

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