It’s Never Too Late

The Conservatives can still win the election if, for a change, they prove to the electorate that they are the party that stops giving the rich privileges which are not available to the poor and the middle classes.

Those who saw the Sunday Times last weekend will possibly not be surprised to read the headline in big letters stating that the super-rich have doubled their wealth since the 2009 economic crisis.

This is perhaps the most provocative anti-Conservative headline that David Cameron and his entourage of advisors will have to cope with very quickly, before 7th May, when like the roulette wheel spinner utters the famous words: ‘Les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus.’

The rich are favoured by a variety of laws which enable them to become richer while the struggling classes feel hampered to a larger extent by the same laws.

As an example, take the property sector alone where the rich make a fast buck, the law supports them at the expense of the tenant, causing sometimes much hardship to the very people whose goodwill is vital and necessary to keep the economy going and vibrant.

Ed Miliband has announced over the weekend that Labour will enact new laws where rents become subject to reasonable controls so as to stop landlords abusing the privileges that the law has given them over the years. Personally, I am against prohibiting measures in a free economy but to go to the other extreme, as the property tycoons have done, is immoral as well as counter-productive in the long term.

The Conservatives must be seen to become the guardians of both the rich and the poor in a similar and more equitable fashion if they are to be perceived in a new light. As I said at the outset, the time is right to counteract Labour by taking reforming measures where the underdog can breathe freely knowing that the law is just for everyone, irrespective of his or her status in society, and those who ignore it are castigated.

Labour’s policy of divide and rule has gone by the wayside long ago and hopefully we are now one nation with one objective, namely the prosperity of the nation to be achieved with every strata and fibre of energy we possess.

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